Download the VinTel App 

Before you begin, you will need the VinTel© app. Download and allow the requested device permissions.

Step 1: Start the Vehicle 

The vehicle must have the engine running and not actively being driven.

Step 2: Plug-in Module

Plug the module into the OBD port, normally under the steering column.  The module LEDs will power up and the VinTel® module will do the rest.

Step 3: Open VINTEL App

The app automatically connects to the module to quickly collects and send the raw diagnostic data to the cloud. In real-time, you can access the diagnostic status report (DSR).

Step 4: DSR Portal

Access your diagnostic status reports (DSRs) through the app or login with your portal account from any web enabled device. 

You can see and search for specific DSRs. Your portal credentials will be provided in a separate email.

Play Video


VinTel DSR Tutorial 

Sit down with VinLogx CEO, Keith McCord as he provides insight to the VinTel Diagnostic Status Report.  

Understand the meaning of each section of the report and how it helps you properly appraise/inspect a vehicle.