Discover Precision Appraisal with the new VinTel & VINCUE Integration

VinTel OBD-II report data is now integrated with VINCUE appraisals for even more vehicle data.

This partnership joins the precision of the advanced diagnostic capabilities of VinTel, with VINCUE’s appraisal system. Dealers now have access to a comprehensive report that not only facilitates accurate appraisals but also empowers objective conversations with customers, streamlines technician workflow, and enhances the overall exit strategy assessment for vehicles.

Unleashing the power of Integration

With VinTel and VINCUE working in unison, dealerships gain access to a robust appraisal report that goes beyond traditional assessments. This integration empowers dealers with: 

  • Repair Suggestions: Precise detailed suggestions for necessary repairs, enabling dealers to make more informed decisions.
  • Simplified Explanations: The VinTel report offers a more digestible explanation of findings in a more user friendly way for all parties involved.
  • Identify More: VinTel can detect if dashboard lights have been manually reset, giving the dealership more insight into the vehicle’s history, identifying potential areas of concern. This ensures that the appraisals are operating on the most accurate data.
  • Enhanced Reporting: VinTel produces an in-depth technical report, enabling technicians to concentrate on their tasks with a comprehensive guide, improving efficiency in repair and maintenance procedures.

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