The exclusive Recycled OEM Parts Industry partner of VinTel®. Elite Recycler Technologies is the leader in Cutting-Edge Technology for Automotive Recyclers.

We offer an integrated, standardized diagnostic solution to the Recycled OEM Parts Industry.

  • Allows an automotive recycler to determine whether a vehicle is worth buying or not based on the report generated from scanning with the VinTel® module

  • Allows a vehicle to be scanned via a VinTel® module. Once scanned you will have access to a report of a vehicle’s past and present health diagnostics. Allowing you to see potential or past issues

  • Alerts you to easily & quickly view any past cleared codes. This is important when buying a vehicle as it will give you a confidence knowing the past health of the vehicle. Allowing you to pass that sense of security onto a mechanic or end user whom will be buying the part

  • VinTel® testing allows our partners to easily decipher the condition of drive-train parts before listing them for sale. This will drive higher profits and lessen customer returns and warranty claims

  • Mileage Confirmation allows you to accurately confirm the mileage of the vehicle’s ECM

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