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The VINTEL® OBD-II Module is simply “plug-and-play”.  The module automatically collects the vehicle diagnostic information.  Once it is done, open the app and it quickly connects and uploads the diagnostic information to VINTEL®  to generate the Diagnostic Status Report (DSR).

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Three steps to obtain vehicle diagnostics

Start the Vehicle

The vehicle must be running or in the “on” position. With the complexity of some push button starts, we recommend starting the vehicle.

Plug-in Module

Plug the module into the OBD port, normally under the steering column.  The module LEDs will power up and VINTEL® will do the rest.


The app automatically connects to the module to quickly collects and send the raw diagnostic data to the cloud. 

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VINTEL Module Sequence

   Access Diagnostic Status Reports

You can view DSRs directly from the app or by accessing them through the VINTEL portal from any computer or smart device

Access Portal

View DSRs, manage modules and more through Portal using your credentials below.

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Your password: vinteldsr

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