Solutions Across the Automotive Industry

Retail Dealerships

Improve appraisal accuracy with VinTel®. Instantly identify potential trade-in issues before they become a problem.

Wholesale Auctions

Reduce arbitration issues & costs with VinTel®. Identify potential arbitration issues before they become a problem.

Solution Providers

Enhance your existing solutions by integrating VinTel® diagnostic information.


The Overview

The VinTel® ecosystem brings an integrated, standardized, diagnostic solution for real time critical vehicle health through diagnostics, emission readiness, and reset information throughout the automotive industry.  

The VinTel® system not only identifies the mechanical challenges through discovering DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes), but it also identifies the impact of these challenges by balancing these against OEM part/assembly cost and book labor hours.  

The equivocation of mechanical challenge to vehicle value impact adds clarity during appraisals, offsite deliveries of trade ins, and even through exit opportunities in the service drive.  

All of this information is presented in an easy to understand, non-technical format to help clarify the effects mechanical challenges weigh on the exit strategy of the vehicle.


The first month of using the VinTel system to evaluate trades saved us over five thousand dollars in reconditioning.
Tim Heiniger
Used Car Manager, Deery Brothers, West Burlington
VINTEL has helped me a number of times discover issues with vehicles that are not apparent by just test driving the vehicle. The majority of the time, the seller is also unaware that there is a hidden issue with their car. Because the printout is very professional and easy to read, it makes it easy to explain to the seller what is going on with their car and an estimated cost to repair.
Wahlid Ahmed
Corporate Buyer

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